Our approach to network services is to monitor all network elements ensuring they are operating properly. Any problems picked up by monitoring tools generates a trouble ticket that is allocated to a technician to resolve. An assessment of impact is done and an advisory despatched to affected users. We can through proactive monitoring pick up problems before even end-users have noticed service disruption.


Thresholds of performance such as processor utilisation levels or memory utilisation levels are used as lead indicators for potential service problems. As a result interventions are effected to remedy any potential service disruptive problems. Hanley is therefore able to sign SLA with clients that guarantee up time of more than 99.99% for the network. Hanley will always be looking for opportunities to optimise the network in order to improve its performance. Our experience network architects will analyse your existing architecture to ensure it is inline with best practice. Outsource all your network operations to the highly qualified network team from Hanley to ensure you have minimal service disruption.


Internet Connectivity & Solution: The internet is now a key lifeline for organisations. The internet provides access to vital business information and is also a key component for business connectivity. Hanley can provide you with suitable cost-effective internet service bundles to meet your organisation’s requirements.