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Are you continually rightsizing your voice and data connectivity to keep up with
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VoIP is a phone technology that allows for voice calls to be made and received over the Internet or an internal network. With VoIP phone services, voice calls are treated as data and are transmitted as packets over the Internet. Since these calls bypass traditional telephone networks, costs are reduced dramatically. This business phone service not only serves as a low-cost platform for voice calls, but it also is used for more advanced voice transmissions such as Web and video conferencing.

In a business setting, VoIP phone services become more complex than a traditional VoIP service for consumers. Businesses have multiple extensions and need more robust features such as call hold, call transfer, and conferencing. Business VoIP services are more robust than traditional VoIP services for consumers, offering numerous options, such as:

Mobile and IoT connectivity
With the move to a distributed workforce, IoT, changing business models and IT strategies are all contributing factors to a mobile first world. This mobile demand and rate of change are driving the requirement for flexible, cost-effective and secure connectivity solutions.
Internet connectivity
Cut through the complexity of rightsizing connectivity. Get clear, expert advice and the experience that comes with managing critical network infrastructure.

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