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The perimeter of the networks is dissolving. A new perimeter is needed to protect data and users wherever they are, without creating friction in the business. Hanley IT Security's cloud security services offer unparalleled visibility and protection from data and against real-time threats when accessing cloud services, websites or private apps, from anywhere or device. Only Hanley IT Security understands the cloud like anyone else and offers data-centric security from one of the largest and fastest security networks in the world, providing the most important organizations around the world with the right balance between the protection and the speed they need to ensure agility in your business and ensure your digital transformation. Reimagine your perimeter with Hanley IT Security.
of corporate internet traffic migrated from the web to the cloud
of corporate devices are mobile and half off the network of time
Stats Shows that

90% of today's data
was created in the past two years.
Most of them on mobile devices
and in the cloud.

(Which represents 2.5 trillion bytes of new data per day)

We are redefiningcloud, network and
data security.

Protect data and users wherever you want that are The rapid adoption of cloud and mobile applications makes data reach places where traditional security technology is blind. Hanley IT Security takes a data-centric approach to cloud security, following data wherever it goes. From data createdand exposed in the cloud, to data transmitted to unmanaged cloud apps and personal devices, Hanley IT Security protects data and users anywhere.

Provide fast, scalable security When it comes to safety, performance and scale are often the biggest challenge. Relying on the public internet to provide inline security causes performance problems and, on the other hand, a device-based approach to security is not scalable. Hanley IT Security offers native security in the cloud in real time, without the traditional exchange for performance. As we continue to build one of the largest and fastest security networks in the world, you may have the certainty that your safety is always active, always present and never an obstacle.
Use the cloud and web safely The use of the cloud dominates the internet, with cloud services representing the majority of companies' web traffic. Keeping this environment safe, without slowing down the business, requires a new security model, based on contextual knowledge of the cloud. Hanley IT Security allows you to benefit from our deep and contextual knowledge of the cloud to apply controls security features that let you use the cloud and the web safely.

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