Mobile Money:
A game-changer for
Financial Inclusion

Why Moolax

Mobile Money

Mobile technology has been a game-changer in helping to expand access to financial services. Over the past decade, banks, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), and other players have invested in the development of mobile money platform interfaces, which typically include a mobile wallet and an integrated payment system.

Become Our Partner

Our partners are experienced telco, banking, local and national government, NGOs, E-commerce service professionals who share our vision to positively impact urban and rural lives via financial inclusion.

Network Payment Company (NPC) engages with Marketing Partners (MPs) to promote financial inclusion of all citizens via MoolaX ‘Payments As A Platform (PAAP), multi-payment platform for goods and services by integrating Mobile Network Operators, Government Departments, Banking Institutions, Utility Companies and Customers. NPC partners with marketing visionaries who share our vision of financial inclusion and provides ‘plug and play’ payment services. NPC’s MoolaX platform enables partners to aggregate mobile money service providers, utilities providers, banks, e-commerce and other service providers and allow services to institutions and individuals from a seamlessly integrated mobile money payment platform.

Modern Payments Simplified.

Our platform provides the following products and services to make the world a better and smarter place.

Mobile Money
Receive, Store and Spend money using a mobile phone, hastle free.
Bank Integrations
Transfer/Wallet Topups using your personalized bank accounts.
Merchant Payment Integrations
Pay for services using your mobile phone.
Partner Portals
For partners to track and manage their clients spendings in real time.
Web Interface and Mobile Apps
Access your accounts on the go.
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
Integrate our platform into your apps.

Simple. Scalable. Secure.

The evolution of information and communication technology has led to the birth of
Moolax Mobile Money: a transformational innovation that offers low-cost money transfers, payments, and
other financial services.

Users can receive money directly to their mobile phones without going through any middleman.
Technological advancements and enhancements with no limits.
Funds held in a Mobile Money account are protected as per local financial regulations.

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